Popular Caucasian singer Lilia Shaulukhova (Shebzukhova) recently visited the office of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” with good news — after a long absence due to pleasant events in her family — she became a mother — the actress returns to the stage and actively prepares new songs.

Spending a lot of time doing housework, the singer, however, did not forget about her fans. During the forced pause, she released with the support of 2 publishing house the compilation: “Only yours” and “Vanilla dream” with long-loved hits.

In "Sound-M" Lily brought two new songs

“The first track is called“ Mom, don't scold me, ”the singer comments,“ he tells how a loving girl persuades her mom to trust her and believe that she will become a good wife. She wrote the song Zamira Zhaboeva. And the second track is called “Dance”. I began to write it myself, then Zamira helped me to finish. ”

Both of these songs will be included in the future in the album, on which Lily is also currently working. According to her, he will be a music-diversified:

“There we will collect completely different songs. So, a song about my hometown Nalchik will appear soon, besides this, I have a composition about daughters. A lot of ideas, I want everyone to have something to listen to. I always find time for speeches and the way they accept me, with what warmth they listen to, inspires me to create new projects. ”

While Lilia is working on writing the album, we already very soon, according to the music editor of the company, will hear her two new tracks. Stay tuned for news and updates!

In the meantime, we suggest you listen to some popular songs performed by Lilia Shaulukhova.