Singer LP has presented a new album "Heart to Mouth"

7 December 2018, an American singer LP, presented to her fans another record called “Heart to Mouth”. In her direct manner, the performer communicates to her listeners her vision of relationships between people in twelve tracks, the most popular of which were the Dreamcatcher, Girls Go Wild and Recovery on the very first day of hire.

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LP returns to Moscowvideo

LP returns to Moscow

Singer LP will give a concert in Moscow 9 on April 2019 of the year. In the recent past, when LP was mentioned, no one in my head had any ...

In general, the disc came out dynamic, despite the texts, traditionally full of deaf and hopeless longing. For example:

My room is dark, the blinds are closed,
And still too much outside
Maybe it's over, but not today,
I may be older, but I'm still crying.
I can't stop sleeping in your clothes,
You can't stop making phone calls.

In general, you need to listen and form your opinion.

Video clips for songs from the album "Heart to Mouth"

You could already see two tracks from the album “Heart to Mouth” on the official YouTube YouTube channel: the video clip “Girls Go Wild” appeared in August, and the work for the song “Recovery” appeared in October 2018 of the year. We offer to plunge into the world of positive from LP, having become acquainted with them right now.