24 August: the premiere of Lucy Silvas' EGO album

Despite the fact that the experts of Lucy refer to the genre of pop music, the profoundness and versatility of the album presented yesterday make us reconsider this statement. The twelve tracks that make up “EGO” fully justify the name of the disc - this is a real journey inside your “I”, diverse in terms of performance style and content.

Lucy Silvas (real name - Lucy Joan Silverman) - British singer and songwriter, known to listeners for such works as "It's Too Late", "Who am I", "Breathe In" and other hits.

Альбом «E.G.O.» является прекрасным примером проявления многообразия талантов певицы как в амплуа автора, так и исполнителя с хорошим голосом и чувством ритма.

Photos in the top: https://nakhjir-amol.com

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