Today, one of the most famous Caucasian artists, a popular singer Magamet Dzybov celebrates a birthday. In the morning, he accepts many congratulations from his family and friends, friends, colleagues and, of course, from fans!

Since Magamet first appeared on the stage, his audience has been constantly growing, because it’s impossible not to admire the talent of the artist, the timbre of his voice and the penetration of the songs ...

Dzybov inherited his creative abilities from his father. He was a virtuoso harmonicist, although he did not study anywhere. Magamet once attended a music school. True, he never learned the notes and always played only by ear. But the teachers were sure that he played according to the notes, and the boy, in order to reproduce the melody he heard, was enough just to remember it.

Before becoming a vocalist, Magamet together with his brothers often acted as a harmonist. But the first time he went on stage with the song "Hazbulat" realized that it was him. Subsequently, this confidence only grew, and fans of creativity gave even greater inspiration.

One by one, the artist released songs that instantly became hits. His collaboration with the author and performer Angelica Nacheva, with the author Asya Sanashokova and others gave the world a lot of popular tracks, which are still loved by many listeners.

Today we heartily congratulate Magamet Dzybov on his birthday and wish him excellent health and joy! Love and new successes!

And we offer you to remember the most famous songs of the artist, released with the support of the music publishing house "Sound-M"!