Manuel Isakov spoke about the song "Caucasus" and the video for this song

“Forever in the heart of each of us is the Caucasus!” - these lines from the song of Manuel Isakov @manuelisakov The Caucasus, the author of the words and music for which is the well-known composer Elchin Imanov, cannot help but touch the hearts of the residents and people of the Caucasus region, who cherish the precepts of their fathers, the beauty of their native land, the culture and traditions of their ancestors, both their own and neighboring nations.

Manuel Isakov
Manuel Isakov

Having decided once to create a composition that will find a response in the soul of every Caucasian, the singer together with the author recorded the single "Caucasus", designed to remind the audience about the most important:
“From the first lines in this song is sung about the friendship of nations,” says Manuel, “since childhood we are taught what partnership and nobility is, what parents should be honored, what bread and salt should be divided, not territories. I myself live in Israel, I often speak for people from the Caucasus, both in Russia and abroad: in Europe, America, Canada and, wherever I am, I see eyes full of love for my native land, I hear the call of blood. The Caucasus is, indeed, forever! ”

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Arrangement for the song was made by Taleh Agayev, with whom Manuel Isakov has been working not for the first year. The video clip “Gershon” in Israel was filmed on the incendiary composition, which showed national dances and songs, noisy feasts, mouth-watering dishes of Caucasian cuisine and scenic panoramas of nature that open up to the audience from a height of rocky mountains.

“Caucasian peoples are famous for their hospitality, generosity, ability to keep their word, stand up for themselves, their family and for their homeland. There is a wish that modern youth would not forget about it, appreciate it. After all, fraternity, ancestral covenants, our traditions, customs and culture are the most important values ​​that we have been awarded since birth! ”

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