Margarita Biragova: “I felt cramped in the Caucasus ...”

Popular singer, as well as poet and composer Margarita Biragova Received several offers of cooperation from Moscow production centers. She is offered a job by the author of songs for Russian performers.

“Of course, the prospect of writing songs to Russian pop stars is very tempting. But, only having discussed mutually beneficial conditions, it will be possible to assess the seriousness of the work. The fact is that in the Caucasus I became quite crowded, and the fees are small. And since I still intend to move to the capital in the future, it’s time to think about a more lucrative job, ”says the artist.

The material side of the issue, although important, is not decisive. Margarita has long recognized that, as an author, she has ceased to grow and naturally, as a person who is creative and a seeker, it gnaws at her. Soul maestro requires more.

“Writing for the needs of a Caucasian listener is a boring business - there is no room for wingspan. Of course, there are performers and listeners who value songs with meaning, not repetitive syllables, but there are few of them. And writing more powerful songs to the local audience - “the game is not worth the candle,” shared Biragova.

How the situation will develop further, we learn only next month. The actress will fly to the capital to 19 in May to perform at a concert, and after - to meet with the leadership of the producer centers and discuss the terms of cooperation.