One of the brightest music novelties of this summer is the composition “Our hearts”, performed by Marlen Karimov. @marlen_karimov, was published today. This is a song that unfolds a familiar love story to many. The chorus of the composition is in English, and the single itself, according to the artist, conveys all the emotions and reflects the state of his inner world.

We asked Marlene to tell more about the idea and musical concept of the track, and here is what he told us:

Marlene Karimov
Marlene Karimov

“In my head I had long thought about creating a new masterpiece! Wishing to approach this accurately and very seriously, I planned to write something unusual, non-standard - where a song could completely uncover the whole inner vocal world!
The creation of this composition is connected with the reality of our time. But honestly, the preparation was difficult and took a lot of time, because I wanted to take into account and take into account all the best musical trends (musical components, sound addition).
In writing the track, I fully trusted Enver Karimov. Since he is not only my brother, but also the author of his personal compositions, which have already managed to declare themselves in one of the large-scale projects - “Songs” on TNT. Considering the fact that this trend is in no way connected with his stylistics, he fully took into account all my wishes in the vision of this song. As a result, together we got a product that exceeded all our expectations! It was possible to combine opposing styles, which are characteristic not similar to each other. I am sure this “cocktail”, as well as the actual plot of the track, taken from real life, will appeal to fans of my work! ”, Commented Marlene.

You can listen and download the single "Our Hearts" both on our website and on any of the music services.

Listen and download Marlene Karimov's song “Our hearts”

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