Sweet triumph Maroon 5. Track "Sugar" and its derivatives

Adam Levin's famous saying that the classic Maroon 5 is a minor, a bit of funk, Niall Rogers-style guitar, a text about a broken heart, and therefore it is the minor, funk and bitter sadness that is the formula of the classic Maroon 5 song, does not hold water when you listen hit group called "Sugar".

Despite the fact that the team has scores of dozens of well-known songs, it is Sugar that plays all the radio stations, the official channel of Maroon 5 is dedicated to this track by individual playlists, and it was his Premiere-YouTube that was first of all included in the paid options as the most popular and in demand among all that the fans are ready to revise.

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The video "Girl Like" of the group Maroon 5 has become the most popular video of the summer-2018video

Video “Girl Like” of the band Maroon 5 has become the most popular video of the summer-2018

With more than seven hundred million views of the video "Girl Like" of the band Maroon 5 has become the most popular music video this summer. YouTube Music has compiled a list of the most popular songs ...

“Sugar” is one of the most famous and recognizable tracks from the band’s fifth studio album, entitled “V,” released in 2014. In January, 2015, the song came out as a separate single and immediately acquired a great video, according to the scenario of which the musicians appear at real weddings without warning to sing it right at the banquet. As a result, the audience receives in the clip the most genuine non-repetitive emotions: from confusion and bewilderment to joy and delight.

2 800 000 000 views on YouTube

The video for the song “Sugar” is also among the ten most popular videos on Youtube: the number of views on November 2018 of the year exceeded 2,8 billion.

A great addition to the main clip "Sugar" was the video assembly "Sugar (Fan Video)", which appeared on the Maroon 5 channel on the initiative of the fans of the team. This fan-made didn't get the same overwhelming success as Sugar itself, but it's very cool to watch it.

Some confusion is caused by the playlist of the Yandex.Music “The Best: Maroon 5”, which traditionally contains the twenty best songs of the group; and among these best "Sugar" for some reason was only in ninth place. Although this, of course, does not detract from the obvious advantages of the collection.

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