Today, the whole world celebrates the Day of the word "thank you"

As we remember from childhood, it was called "magic", explaining that by saying from the heart, it brings warmth and kindness, helping people to be courteous and more sympathetic to each other.

It is believed that in the Russian language the word “thank you” was born in the 16 century, formed from the phrase “save God”. Thanks, we seem to ask God for protection for each other.

But psychologists say that “thank you” is like an “oral stroking” that can soothe and give warmth. True, this “magic” works, on one condition - if words of gratitude are uttered sincerely.

The feeling of appreciation has a powerful energy, so “thank you” is so nice not only to pronounce, but also to sing. Many performers devote their tracks to this word.

We invite you to recall today a few songs of music publishing artists whose compositions caress the ear with this wonderful word ...

By the way, you can download them on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex Music.