Caucasian music. What artists listen Instagram bloggers in Nalchik?

Milana Urusova @milana_urusova

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Milana Urusova

Milana Urusova

- What do you think are the advantages of Caucasian music?

- The Caucasus is my marina, birthplace and home of my own ... I love unconditionally everything connected with it! But, as for music, it is a bit picky. Well, a bit if ...
Perhaps it would be better to start by listening to very few of our performers. All because of the fact that over time, most began to sing the same type of songs, banal. Yes, and every second rushes to the scene to become a "star". I do not like it at all.
That's when the text of the song, the arrangement, the timbre of the voice, the performance itself and the image of the artist are closely related to each other, as one whole ... When the goosebumps and tears in his eyes while listening, realizing how much he touches the strings of your soul, this will captivate ... So I think.
I'm crazy about the tunes. If they are also with a positive note, then “hold me seven”! I would never be able to keep in place, in a circle, dance, in every possible way trying to further feel the mood of the composer. So what if I improvise? I always appreciate this quality in people, along with selective humor (laughs).

- What is your favorite song on the Caucasian stage?

- Recently, I have been “allowing me to enter” only the work of several artists of our variety art. Perhaps because they know and maintain friendships for a long time, or maybe I have not heard better. And each of them has a “here it is, this very, beloved” composition, because I cannot choose one at all.

- Which Caucasian performers are you listening to?

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. Aslan Tlebzu, Magamet Dzybov, Azamat Bishtov, Astemir Apanasov, Rezuan Maremukov, Betal Ivanov, Angelica Nachesova and Anna Bershadskaya are those people whom I sincerely appreciate and respect, whose work causes delight, whose compositions are on repeat every day and can even turn the most gloomy and darkened day for me into a holiday. This energy, this drive and charge, which "hits" from the stage ... And the transfer of emotions?
You can not talk a lot about Cherima Nakhushev, (laughs) because he is the one under whose sonorous and kind voice, on whose songs I grew up, and nothing has changed to this day, absolutely.
Incidentally, the voice of Markha Makayeva is fascinating, and more recently she has discovered Magamed Teymurova.
I think that if young people take a more serious attitude towards the “work of their whole life,” and as we understand, they choose a career as an artist, they will think about it and weigh everything objectively, it will be good. This is not about the moral or material component, but about talent. Is he at all ?!

And then, perhaps, in a couple of years I can safely fill my playlist with new products, admiring the creativity of the guys!

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