The Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Caucasian War brought together many residents in the CBD and the KCR

Adygi is the common name of a people that was previously divided into Kabardians, Adygei and Circassians. Adygs lived in Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as in North Ossetia. The total population of the Circassians throughout the Russian Federation on 2010 was 718 727 people. And earlier, in the 1992 year, the Supreme Council of the KBASR declared May 21 the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Caucasian War.

Adyghe. Artist Mohamed Khahandukov. Source:
Adyghe. Artist Mohamed Khahandukov. Source:

Caucasian war, which claimed many victims

The Caucasian war lasted a long time: from 1763 to 1864. The result of these bloody years was the massive deportation of Circassians to the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Nine out of ten Circassians forcibly left their native places. Thus, a little more than 50 000 people remained in their homeland.

21 May 1864, this terrible war has finally ended. In honor of the end of the Caucasian War, a solemn parade was held in the town of Kbaade (now Krasnaya Polyana) in the upper reaches of the Mzymta River and Russian rule was established in the entire Western Caucasus. Since those times, Circassians from around the world traditionally celebrate this day with memorable events and processions, recalling their countrymen and ancestors who died in the Caucasian War.

Caucasian war, source:
Caucasian war, source:

Nalchik hosted events to commemorate the victims of the Caucasian War

21 May 2018 was held in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, on the 154 anniversary of the end of the Caucasian War.

3 thousands of people took part in a memorial rally, among which, besides the residents of the city, were also attended by specially arrived compatriots from the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and Syria.

Participants of the rally were held on the central avenue to them. IN AND. Lenin. They followed the 170 riders in national costumes who led the memorable procession. Howty Sokhrokov, President of the International Circassian Association (ICA), appealed to all present with a great request to always remember the historical past of their ancestors and try to live in peace and harmony with many other peoples of our country, providing a wonderful future for our children.

At noon, a minute of silence passed in memory of the victims of those bloody years. It was also attended by the Circassians of the Circassians, who arrived from abroad.

The president of the CBD, Yuri Kokov, delivered a memorable speech in which he urged all those present to recall and bow their heads before the memory of brave warriors.

Rally in Nalchik. Source:
Rally in Nalchik. Source:

Cherkessk also celebrated the 154 anniversary of the memory of the victims of the Caucasian War with a mourning procession and numerous rallies.

21 May, on Monday, in the capital of Karachay - Cherkessia - Cherkessk, a mourning procession and memorable meetings were held in honor of the Day of Memory of the Victims of the Caucasian War. They were attended by residents of the city, representatives of the government of the republic, clergy and public organizations.

The head of the KCR - Rashid Temrezov, on his instagram page, addressed the residents of the republic with a memorable speech: “Every year on May 21 we bow our heads before the memory of everyone who died defending the Motherland, who died in a foreign land. Today, living a close-knit family on the land of our ancestors, in a common house, whose name is Russia, we understand the significance of mutual understanding and mutual respect between nations, we know the price of peace and harmony, and we strive for a common goal - the prosperity of our common homeland. ”

The prime minister of the republic, Aslan Ozov, at the rally, appealed to everyone gathered to remember those tragic years and learn from the past so that such terrible clashes would never happen again in the future.

Leaders of national and public organizations of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic drew attention to the fact that the best memory of those killed in the Caucasian War would be constructive work for the good of their native land, securing a friendly union of nations, preserving cultural heritage, centuries-old established traditions and customs of their ancestors.

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