Sergey Zeynalyan not only a successful artist, but also an example to follow for his younger brother. Thirteen-year-old Raphael has also recently become fascinated with singing.

As Sergey says, their musical abilities are hereditary - parents are very creative people, especially the father.

“We grew up in an atmosphere of music and art. Father instilled in us a love of singing. He himself graduated from the music school in the city of Baku on the accordion class.

By the way, I later graduated from the same school and learned to play the same instrument as my father. Therefore, it is not surprising that I chose the “musical path” in life, and Raphael is constantly developing and working on himself in creative terms, ”says Sergey Zeynalyan.

The duet of the brothers in the near future is not yet in sight, but already now you can listen to Raphael singing - Sergey promised to post his videos on his Instagram page.

Sergey Zeynalyan - Save Love ( 2017
From the shooting of Sergey Zeynalyan - Save the Love ( 2017. Source: