Twelve best tracks of Linkin Park according to Rolling Stone Russia

The official account of Rolling Stone magazine in Russia was a playlist of the best songs of the legendary band Linkin Park. The playlist consists of twelve nu-metal tracks from a group of albums from Hybrid Theory 2000 of the year to One More Light 2017 of the year.

Like most of Linkin Park's creations, these tracks are imbued with introverted melancholy, loneliness and thoughts that “the clock is casting life ..”, “my walls are closing ..”, “memories absorb, as if opening a wound ..” and other positive inner demons .

Nevertheless, the tracks are listened in one breath, especially if you do not know English.

Linkin Park video collector

If you are fascinated by the theme of this particular bliss, as a bonus, we invite you to enjoy the video player from more 170 clips, mainly consisting of works posted on Linkin Park's official channel on YouTube.

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