A year and a half ago, the Music Publishing House “Zvuk-M” began cooperation with the TV channel “AIVA”. This is a federal music channel, embodying the concept of combining musical diversity between representatives of different regions of Russia.

Among the thematic sections of the channel are “Sing, the Caucasus”, “Everybody Dance”, “Love Story”, within the framework of which about 50 video clips of the artists of our publishing house rotate on the air.

More information about the AIVA broadcast and the video projects of which Caucasian stars are most popular with viewers, said AIVA Music Television General Director Vitaliy Yakos.

- Vitaly, please tell us more about the concept of the TV channel.

“AIVA” is the new music channel that everyone has been waiting for. At first glance, in Russia there are already quite a few music television channels, the most famous of more than ten, in addition, there are also regional, Internet television and the like. But this is only at first glance…. For example, in Poland there are approximately 2 times more music channels! And if Poland is a completely homogeneous country, then Russia has a huge territory, with different regional and national characteristics, and we are more than 3 times more numerous in number. Also, do not forget the audience focused on Russian culture of the CIS countries. In general, we consider all these factors.
For the convenience of viewers, thematic collections have been created so that everyone can find what they like. A convenient heading has been developed: the clips are collected in thematic collections under the names “Love Story”, “Voice of the Country”, “Everybody Dance”, “Our Everything”, “ Melody of the soul ”,“ Sing, Caucasus ”,“ Eastern rhythms ”and so on.
We are actively connecting to cable operators across the country from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

- Why are you interested in working with us?

- It is very nice to deal with real professionals. “Zvuk-M” primarily unites performers of the North Caucasus region, which is famous for talented artists, with amazing vocals and choreography. It is worth noting that federal music TVs do not take into account at all that Russia is a multinational country and it’s unrealistic to break into the screen for regional (especially national) singers, but we are trying to change that.

- And by what principle are clips for rotation selected?

- There are no strict conditions. The professionalism of the performer and the quality of the camera work are important to us. We also adhere to the policy of “decent” content and aesthetics in the clips.

- Already revealed statistics, videos of which Caucasian performers are most popular with viewers of your channel?

- It is difficult to single out a specific artist .... But, of course, these are artists already having all-Russian fame: Aydamir Mugu, Sultan Hurricane, Angelica Nachesova. I especially want to note the talented Dagestan performer Magomed Alikperov.

- What projects would you be interested to see from us in the future?

- We would like to see more quality content in national languages. For example, you can make a clip simultaneously in two languages, for example, national and Russian (there usually only a couple of frames with articulation are re-shot).

- In addition to the clips, what other videos are popular with your viewers?

- We are also interested in videos of music concerts. Just now we are preparing to broadcast the big concert of Angelica Nachesova. We will inform you about the release date later, but in any case, it will be the prime time of the weekend.

- What can you wish to novice artists?

- I wish you not to lose artistry, not to doubt your success and not to put off everything “for later”. And I want to thank all those whose videos are already rotated on AIVA for talent and titanic work. For making us happier! Thank.

- Vitaly, thank you very much for the conversation. We are sure that our cooperation will continue to be pleasant and successful! And we remind our readers that everyone who wants to become spectators of the AIVA TV channel can ask their cable operator about it.