Today, many countries celebrate International Friendship Day.

Of course, true friendship is a rarity, but at the same time it is a priceless treasure that people consider to be one of the most significant in their lives.

What did our friends not go with us, what adventures they did not fall into! We share with them success and joy, grief and failure. Life gradually eliminates unnecessary, and sometimes takes the most expensive. But the feeling of love, gratitude and loyalty remains.

That is why so many poems, stories and, of course, songs are devoted to friendship. All of them are filled with touching, spiritual emotions that sink deep into the hearts of both readers and listeners.

We very much hope that there are people in your life whom you are happy to congratulate on this day. And as a gift they prepared for you a special selection of songs about friendship, performed by popular Caucasian stars.

We sincerely wish your friendship to be strong, reliable and long!

Enjoy your listening!