Irina Omel and Nikas released the track "Do not drive"

“A fair wind blows into the sails, because I always have four aces!”, - the new track of the duet house-diva Irina Omel and DJ Nikas “Don't Drive” was released today with the support of the music publishing company “Zvuk-M” and is already available for listening and downloads on all major music services.

Listen and download the song of Irina Omel and DJ Nikas “Don't Drive”

Irina Omel: “Appreciate what you are doing and share it with the world!”

Most recently, the first duet composition of Irina Omel and Nikas - “Hey, mammy”, loudly announcing the appearance on the scene of extraordinary performers who sing that they care. And now the guys recorded the second joint song - “Do not drive” - a motivating track, calling for hard to move towards the achievement of their goals:

Irina Omel
Irina Omel

“This track, like the previous one, was written by Nikas,” says Irina, “the motivational text somehow was dictated by the music itself, and he lay on it perfectly. We really wanted to share our creativity with the audience and at the same time - to inspire young people to stubbornly go to their goal. I want to say to everyone: what you dream about is important! And we must strive for this, no matter what! But, at the same time, we should not forget about the main values, do not cease to care and respect your loved ones. Appreciate what you are doing and share it with the world! ”

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