Here is your five cents change

“Nickelback” is a Canadian alternative rock band, founded in 1995, in the city of Hannah (Alberta, Canada). The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Chad Kruger; guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peak; bassist Mike Kruger and drummer Daniel Adair. The name of the group is derived from English. "Here's your nickel back" - "Here's your change." Or literally: “Here are your five cents of change” (nickel) is the American name for a five-cent coin. The group got to the list of the best artists of the first decade of the XXI century, according to Billboard, where she won the first place among the rock groups of specialized areas.

Group "Nickelback" Photo from
Group “Nickelback” Photo from

The success of Nickelback is secured by impressive album sales figures (more than 50 million copies worldwide), securing them the status of the “eleventh most sold artist” and second place among foreign artists sold in the United States in the current century. The hit song How Do You Remind Me was named by Billboard magazine as one of the Rock Hits of the Decade and put on the 4 position in the Top 10 list of songs of the 2000th. Nickelback’s baggage now contains twelve successful world tours and over eight million fans.

European tour "Nickelback". Moscow, May 2018 of the year.

In 2017, Nickelback announced the biggest European tour called Feed The Machine, dedicated to the release of the eponymous record. According to fans, the biggest and coolest show in the history of the band is expected. The tour is considered a symbol of the triumphant return of musicians to Europe, following the release of their eponymous 9 studio album released by BMG. This album, without a doubt, has become one of the most high-quality and energetic works since the time of their breakthrough record Silver Side Up.

As part of the announced 21 tour in May, 2018, Nickelback will perform in the capital's Olympic Stadium. The beginning of the concert is scheduled for 19.00. Ticket price - from 2500 rubles.

The album “Feed The Machine” does not look homogeneous: in addition to the traditional ballad performance, there are also aggressive tracks that are not (in our opinion) characteristic of the collective. According to the editors, “Song On Fire” (#3), “After The Rain” (#5), and also “Home” (#7) sound great as always. We didn’t like the title track at all, but this is a matter of taste.

Fans of the band are also looking forward to performing at the concert the hits from 2005's All All Right Reasons album of the year. Rate it to see if you can become a fan of this truly talented and prolific (in a good way) team.

Recall that for the whole period of its existence since 1995, the team recorded nine full-fledged studio albums (and more than a hundred tracks in all albums and compilations), and also shot a 32 clip. You can watch them on the official Nickelback channel on YouTube. The championship in terms of views (more than a third of a billion) is firmly held by the clip “How You Remind Me”, shot back in the distant 2009 year. We didn’t really like the video, so we’re not publishing it in this article.

And of course we will look forward to performing such hits as “When We Stand Together” from the album “Here And Now” (2011 year), “If Today Was Your Last Day” from the album “Dark Horse” (2008 year) and other songs.

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