Today a famous author and performer David Divad @david_divad_official He presented a cheerful, bright composition entitled “My dear Man”, through which he not only gave the audience wishes for happy long years, but also gave a simple instruction - to preserve the happiness sent from above ...

David Divad
David Divad

“As a creative person and a sentimental person from birth, I want to note that love is a feeling that needs to be nourished constantly. After all, the Lord created a woman and a man for the continuation of the human race, and if there is a person nearby who you can love for your whole life - this is a great happiness! When I play this single, I think of my beloved and only wife Elena. After all, poems, music coming from the heart, are also gifts. And I love to do them for no reason. For example, when a person wakes up, and you bring him coffee to bed - it is equally pleasant for you and him. To present flowers to bed, to give a little ring, a song ... It is a great happiness when there is one who can be carried on hands! Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday problems, we often forget about it, so with my new composition I want to remind listeners that there are people next to us who deserve attention and care.
At the moment, because of the distance, and as a result - parting with my family: my wife, son, mother, I am deprived of such an opportunity. For me, this is the biggest execution that I could imagine. But my heart, soul and head create music and words that express my feelings. By my example, I want to tell the audience: do everything in order not to part with your loved ones, to be always there! Because besides the wing of the Lord, they need our help and support. Even if it requires sacrifice, as in my case. Therefore, the song “My Dear Man” is for everyone who knows what love is, ”says the performer.

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