Great news for fans of the charming singer Zarina Bugayeva - the artist invites everyone to dance with her! Meet the exciting new item called "Dance!"

Предлагаем вам ознакомиться с русскоязычной версией песни «Танцуй» — она доступна на всех крупнейших музыкальных сервисах, в том числе: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Музыка Билайн, Яндекс.Музыка, а также — в приложении BOOM (для пользователей социальных сетей Вконтакте и Одноклассники).

Listen and download the song “Dance!” By Zarina Bugayeva

Arthur Besaev wrote the track, thus embodying Zarina’s musical idea:
“I always dreamed of singing a song with an oriental motif, but so that it would go in combination with modern rhythms. Arthur coped with this idea perfectly: he combined the rhythm of the modern trend, lyricism with romance and decorated it all with hints or, I would say, “flavor” of the east!

I remember when he showed me the demo version, I immediately liked it. Dynamic, inviting. "Yalla" in Arabic means the word exclamation, which has several meanings, for example: "come on", "go ahead!". Now I am even thinking about performing this composition in one of the eastern languages ​​in the future.

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