Mussa Aybazov @mussa__aybazov presented a new single - "Zuhra"! According to the artist, in this composition he embodied the image of an ideal Karachai girl.

Mussa Aybazov
Mussa Aybazov

“In the life of every man, a moment comes when he cannot express in words what he feels. But if you are connected with creativity, music, then the best way for their manifestation is a song.
This track helped me convey the emotions that I had a meeting with a beautiful girl, with a real Karachai in all its forms: she is clean, she is smart, she is beautiful. I was inspired by female beauty, upbringing, mountain article, the inner world of the girl and her purity. And I am glad that one person combines all these qualities in himself. Thus was born the track, which embodied this ideal image, and from the bottom of my heart, from my heart I put into it what I feel, ”said the performer.

You can listen and download the composition “Zuhra” on our website.

Listen and download the song "Zuhra" by Mussa Aybazov

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