Beautiful and melodic instrumental composition “Uj-Sandrak” is not just a new single by musician Asker Yeshugov, it’s his attempt to revive the old Adygian wedding custom, when at the end of the wedding everyone gathered in a circle, joined hands through one (man-woman) and danced.

“Uj was the result of the celebration, the final dance. I like the meaning inherent in this tradition and the melody itself, therefore, working on the composition “Uj - Sandrak”, I connected three folk melodies and made my own arrangement.
Weddings are now “Europeanized”, more modern. Often we fall on holidays, during which we didn’t even know that with such a dance, we need to close the celebration. I will specifically try to play "Uj - Sandrak" at weddings, for which I wrote it down in order to revive the tradition to a certain extent. For people at weddings to get up and dance all together. After all, the dance is simple, you do not need to specifically train him - if you see, you will understand everything yourself. But participation in the traditions is worth a lot! ”Says Asker Yeshugov.

We offer you to get acquainted with the wonderful melody “Uj - Sandrak”, which you can listen to and download on our website.

Listen and download the song “Uj - Sandrak” by Asker Yeshugov

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