Popular singer and songwriter Ruslana Sobieva wrote many wonderful compositions for myself and other artists. At the moment she is again in an active working process - over new songs for singer Anzhelika Akhmedova. They met recently when Angelica, together with the Cote d'Azur group, came to speak in Vladikavkaz.

This acquaintance quickly spilled over into cooperation - Angelica asked Ruslan to write a new track for her, and then fell in love with two other songs that Sobiyeva already had and were waiting in the wings ...

“Now one song is completely ready -“ Ay, yay, yay ”. Angelica gave her friend a birthday present. It is unlikely that the track will be released to the masses, is likely to remain in the personal archive of the birthday, but the other two will soon be ready and made public. We have not yet decided on the names, but one of them is lyrical, and the second is more dynamic, lively. Angelica is now in France, on arrival will begin to record a voice. There is still mixing, mastering, and arrangements by the famous musician Arthur Ghazaryan. I hope we will hear the finished songs soon. I'm really looking forward to the premiere! ”, Says the author.

As Ruslana emphasizes, Angelica is in itself a very positive, talented girl, with a wonderful timbre and it is a pleasure to work with her, so it is possible that in the future they will record an entire album.

Video provided by the official account of Ruslana Sobieva on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sobieva.ruslana/