Постоянные слушатели radio station "Caucasus Hit", which is a partner of the company “Zvuk-M”, probably already familiar with the programs of the New Year broadcast. And those who have not yet had time to plunge into the festive atmosphere with us, we hasten to tell you about the programs that sound on the waves of the Caucasian radio itself ...

“Once on New Year's Eve” - each issue of this program tells you interesting facts related to the holiday and its main symbols. For example, did you know that there were times when people dressed not a herringbone, but a cherry tree? Or what height was the biggest snowman fashioned in Russia? And about the fact that during the filming of “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”, there was no snow on the streets and what we see in the frame - cotton balls from pharmacies, finely chopped paper and other materials? .. Listen to the program. Once on New Year's Eve ”and learn a lot more interesting things!

Also on the radio station sounds a program called "Song of New Year's mood." She tells the stories of the most popular holiday songs, both Russian and foreign. How were hits like “Jingle Bells”, “Let It Snow” or “Christmas toys” born? Learn from music episodes!

And if you are tuned to an active holiday in the mountains on New Year’s holidays, we recommend listening to the program “Tourist Route”. Every Friday in 10.00 we “travel” to the best winter Caucasian resorts.

In addition, greetings from your favorite entertainers and, of course, holiday songs performed by them sound on the “Caucasus Hit” air!

Do not miss the New Year broadcast and be with us on the same wavelength - 105.9 FM (Cherkessk), or online: kavkazhit.com

С наступающим Вас Новым годом!