A new project for talented young people, Bzerabze, presented today the first release called LaPel'ef. About what goals the art group sets itself and in more detail about the composition - in a short interview with our journalist with the founder of Bzerabze Timur Losanov @timur_losan.

- Tell us, please, what are the goals of the new youth project?

- We are preparing professional musicians, dancers, vocalists for the stage.
The difference between this site and others is that the process of selecting group members is always on, and the uniqueness lies in the method and style of work on the professional stage.
The purpose of creating the art group "Bzerabze" is the development of strong personalities on the Adyg scene.

- Why did you define the composition “LaPel'Eaf” as your debut release?

“LaPel'Aff” is a track that has become very popular among Circassian youth all over the world.
He fell in love and during foreign tours, was very much in demand. We hope, and as a release, this track will draw attention to the album.

- You told that you are fond of history, collect archival data and records. Tell us about this song. What is her story of creation? What are the traditional elements in it?

- This is the author's composition. It was created based on the youth overt "Laparis." Its roots go deep into the history of the Adyg music culture. We are sure that it will be received warmly, and we sincerely wish you all a pleasant listening!

Listen and download the song “Bzerabze” - “LaPel'Eff”

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