Famous singer Lydia Batchayeva dedicated her new year to her beloved homeland.

“Xuigen Jurtum” is an author's composition, the warmth of which will be felt by every listener, who does not even know the Karachay language.

“Karachay is a separate state for my heart. Although I was born in Kazakhstan, Karachay is the place where we returned, here were my first steps, first pranks, and I still live here.
I advise everyone to visit this region! As soon as you enter Karachay-Cherkessia, you will immediately feel hospitality. And not just the hospitality of someone separately: Karachai, Circassians, Abazins, Russians, Cossacks, Nogais, all those wonderful people who inhabit our republic. We are all one and the same - a beautiful Caucasian people. And I consider myself to be both Karachay and Circassian and Abazin, because we are indivisible.
You can come to Karachay-Cherkessia and feel the sound of each heart, as one, to see the friendly eyes, open arms!
Whoever sets foot on our land - immediately feels calm, warm, everyone will be received as an honored and long-awaited guest, he will be met by excellent relationships, barbecue, ayran, Caucasian songs, which are known throughout the world thanks to “Zvuk-M”!
Thanks to all my listeners! ”Says Lydia.

You can listen and download the song “Xuigen Jurtum” on our website, as well as on all digital platforms!

Listen and download the song "Xuigen Jurtum" by Lidia Batchaeva

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