“LAUGUNIGER AR WERASCH” (“Love is you”) is the name of Arthur Kunizhev's debut album. @artur_kunizhevcoming out with light today.

The track list contains 7 tracks in Kabardian language, each of which is especially dear to the performer.

Arthur Kunizhev
Arthur Kunizhev

“The song“ Xi nem and nehu ”(“ The light of my eyes ”) I really liked from childhood,” says Arthur, “I loved to play it to the harmonica. Therefore, being an artist, I thought, why not record it? And having decided, he turned to Zalim Satushiev, who wrote down almost all of my compositions, including: “L'Egjunygjar ar э urash” (“Love is you”), “Syun'oye” (“I am waiting for you”), “Mekhuahuem and theyusykhafer” (“Scolding shepherd ")," Cualabuzhher ".
Among the songs of the album I especially want to mention “Ue sydephyehash” (“You enchanted me”). I wrote her for my wife, with whom we recently got married. Alim Tarchokov helped me a lot in creating the composition. This song can be said to be written by two people: first Alim invented music and chorus, then Maya Shidugova contributed her mite. I want to thank Maya separately, we wrote another song with her - “Wee UXNUMHumyk 1yzh” (“You don’t leave”), to which Asker Nagoyev made the arrangement. As you can see, this album contains tracks created by many authors and arrangers. I pursued this goal on purpose, because I did not want the songs to resemble one another.
In the future I am going to release an album in Russian. The track list will include a couple of lyrical compositions, as well as a few incendiary, in the hip-hop style. Today I want to say thanks to my listeners for their support and attention! I hope you will enjoy the album “Lagunygyr ar uErash!”

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Listen and download Artur Kunizhev's album “Lagunygjer ar uerrash”

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