Islam Kishev presented today a novelty in the Kabardian language - the song “Xi Keshen” (“My Bride”), written by the authors of the words Zoya Meshevoy and Arthur Gonibov and the composer Inna Gukepsheva.

The performer said that the single was waiting for the release for about a year, and it is sung in the track
about the feelings of the guy to his darling, for which he is ready to go at all.
“This is a song of recognition, a song of revelation. The words in it scream about the very love that does not give rest for a second: “Ushizmyl'agume sigur kyysfNNUMXil'eture. Psam ukёlykhuyeri f1yscheere slaggua ... ", which means:" When I do not see you, the heart flies out of my chest. My soul is searching for you, which I desperately fell in love with ..., ”Islam explains,“ the harmony of the song, the arrangement, the selected tools make it clear to all listeners that, no matter how the young guy shouts his love to the whole world, outwardly he is as restrained as possible balanced, as is customary in the Adyg families. ⠀ In these intricacies and competition between impulse, cry and maximum restraint, prudence and self-control is the whole meaning of the song, the meaning of the very love that you want to shout, but at the same time, I want to be silent. This feels thrill and light share of warm sadness. The sadness that comes from sincere happiness. "

You can listen and download the song titled “C keshen”, performed by Islam Kishev right now on our website.

Listen and download the song of Islam Kishev "Si keshen"

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