Novelty in the world of Caucasian music - a member of a popular group Bzerabze Nesren Chylar @Nesren Şırayder introduced the solo single "Bzerabze kaafe nehu"! Posted track Timur Losanov.

Photo by Timur Losanov
Timur Losanov

“Kafe nehu” is a dance, the music of light, ”says the author of the composition,“ it very precisely approached Nesren Chylar. He caught all the melismas, the vibrant rhythm of the syncope, which unequivocally encourages dancing modern youth in a circle. And, of course, as an original musician, Nesren added his own zest to the performance of this melody, acquired in a foreign land, where the Circassian diasporas live.
The very idea of ​​this instrumental track is simple - to create the mood and atmosphere of youth jagu for the listener. You may not be a real participant in the game of jagu, but listening to this song in the car or on the radio, you should have a feeling of involvement in something big, something bright and kind, and this is undoubtedly the atmosphere that prevails in the big canon Jagu. The essence of this work is the power of youth, the wisdom of the elders. And the open bright look into the future is firmly connected with the past, with the great cultural heritage of the Circassians.
Enjoy listening, friends! And we will be pleased if you write about your feelings and leave feedback! ”

Listen and download Nesran Chylar's song “Bzerabze kafe e nehu”

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