Today an album of a popular author and artist has been released. Timur Losanova @timur_losan - "Przynaue jagu." The track list includes 12 instrumental tracks: both author and folk tracks in the composer's processing. We asked Timur to tell more about the concept of the album and the singles that make it up.

- Timur, how would you describe this novelty of music and to whom would you advise it to listen?

- The album "Przynaue Jagu" is my all! We have been working on its creation for 5 years. It contains 12 tracks, each of which consists, in turn, of canon musical segments 5-8. This album includes many styles and trends of the Adyghe folk music. I would recommend him to listen to every Circassian, no matter where he lives. Or - to a person who would like to understand the Circassian musical culture, from antiquity to the present day.

- Which of the melodies are historical, the most traditional?

- I used archival music from all over the world. Most of those compositions that were processed have their original canon choreography. It mattered even the number of repetitions of the musical segment. The album is built in such a way that all the music is interconnected - the next track follows from the previous one, and the culmination is the composition called “Thieshue uj”.

- In the album there is a tune "Nane and kafe" ("Grandma's dance"). Have you dedicated it to your grandmother?

- Yes, exactly, “Nane and Cafe” is the author's composition, which I dedicated to my grandmother, because she was also a recognized harmonist. I believe that the muse was transmitted to me from her. Her valuable advice helped me especially when I was just learning a tool, such as an old finger technique, or correct arm position, correct compression and decompression of accordion fur, and finally correct posture and proper fit. All these details greatly help to achieve perfection. The track “Nane and Cafe” is written in the noble style of the cafe, it is the same as my grandmother.

- All album tunes dance? Where is most of these dances most common?

- The whole album is entirely one big act called “Circassian Games”. It has the beginning, the development, the climax, the denouement and the ending. Each of these stages is supported by dance steps. Somewhere they are simple, which are used every day by the people, but somewhere they are complex, for which you need to have choreographic training. Geography - the whole world! My dream to put on a great choreographic show “Przynaue Jagu” with the advent of this album takes real shape!

We invite you to listen and download Timur Losanov’s album “Przynaue Jegu” right now on our website. And also we remind that the novelty is already available on all digital platforms.

Listen and download Timur Losanov's album “Przynaue jagu”

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