A new track has been released. Aslana Thakumachev @aslan_thakumachev_ - “Laagyungye mafle” (“Fire of love”). The composition in the Kabardian language was written for the artist Aslanbi Mamiev.

Aslan Thakumachev
Aslan Thakumachev

“This song is about the flame of love that has arisen between a boy and a girl, about sincere and pure feelings. Embodying and describing them, he confesses to her, comparing his beloved with the moon, sun and stars in the sky: “What I have in my heart and soul, I will tell you. The sun goes out at night and you are like the moon. How many stars in the sky - so much and my love for you ... ". That is, he tries to express fully all the feelings for her, even says that “either the world will collapse, or I will be with you!” - comments the performer.

You can listen and download the song “Lagunygye Mafle” by Aslan Tkhakumachev right now on our website.

Listen and download the song of Aslan Tkhakumachev “Laagyungye mafle”

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