Meet the new love song from EGO - “Give, give”

According to the singer, it all started with music - she herself dictated to him the words of the chorus, which had sunk into the soul of the author so much that he decided to quickly write a full-fledged, not meaningful, but light, dance track.


“I literally 5 minutes sketched the words chorus. It turned out cool, in my opinion, so the rest of the text was also born without much effort. The song is dedicated to all lovers! It sounds that by itself is born in the heart when you are under the authority of this feeling.
This is one of those compositions that do not carry double or underwater meanings, do not pursue certain goals, it just is - created with pleasure for pleasure! ”

You can listen and download the new track of hiphop executive right now! It is already available on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, as well as in the BOOM application (for users of social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki).

Listen and download the song Ego “Give, give”


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