Those who follow the work of the singer Oksana kosova @kosova_music from the very beginning, remember her first track, called "City". As the artist herself describes him, this is “a song about life in a metropolis with its frantic energy and the problem of loneliness”. Today, the track has appeared on the windows of all digital stores and has become available for download.

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Oksana kosova

“This is a song in the style of pop rock,” the singer comments, “despite the fact that I first performed it 4 years ago, the theme of loneliness in the crowd remains relevant to this day, which is why I and my listeners like it. That is why I decided to release a single. "

You can listen and download “City” right now on our website, as well as on all major music venues.

Listen and download Oksana Kosova's song “City”

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