When you are in love, it’s hard to imagine life without one to whom tender feelings are directed. Inevitably, you start to wonder if this is why this person is so important to you that you are not living the first life together, locked in an endless circle of samsara? ..

In search of an answer to this question, the singer Oksana kosova @kosova_music together with the authors Sergey and Anastasia Litvinovich they created a new composition called “Sansara”, which from today has appeared on the windows of all digital music stores.

Oksana kosova
Oksana kosova

“This song is the result of a search for washed away and enlightenment. I began to notice patterns of events, analyze and track their impact on my personal life. "Sansara" as if plunges me into the past, full of uncertainty and misunderstanding. There is a breaking of the old and the emergence of the new. You can say the birth of a new me ... ", - says the singer.

The song "Sansara" can be heard and downloaded on our website. We also offer you to watch a clip on this composition.

Listen and download Oksana Kosova's song "Sansara"

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