Today the duet of the singer was released Ilona Kesaeva and dancers Dina Bekoeva - "Orlitsa"

The performer decided to devote the song to all of the Hot Minder:
“This is a composition about Caucasian girls who conquer peaks,” says Ilona, ​​“I want this track to become their anthem. There are such lines in the song: “The eagle is bold, the eagle is white, you are the daughter of the Caucasus proud, fearless, free!” I think they perfectly reflect our nature. ”

Singing a duet with her good friend, Honored Artist of North and South Ossetia Dina Bekoeva, Ilona gathered for a long time. When Dina conquered the summit of the Maiden Mountain in Alanya, where she danced the Ossetian dance “Khong”, and the author Margarita Biragova wrote the beautiful song “Eagle”, the girls understood - it was time to conquer another peak ... and recorded a joint track!

Already, the novelty can be heard and downloaded on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music. Music Beeline, Yandex Music.