Sisters Tsarikaev presented the song "Forward" ("Razma")

A lot of patriotic compositions have devoted popular singers to their Motherland and their people. Albina и Fati Tsarikaevy. Today, the artist presented another musical novelty in which the spirit of unity and love of origins lives - “Forward” (“Razma”).

Listen and download the song Albina and Fati Tsarikaev "Forward"

According to Faty, the lyrics were written literally half an hour on the plane, on the way home from a tour in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Fati Tsarikayeva
Fati Tsarikayeva

“The very atmosphere in which we performed, the warm welcome of the public, the tears in the eyes of the audience, during our performance songs "Alans", - all this not only took heart, showing how much people are homesick and their relatives, but also inspired to create a composition that would become a kind of balm for the soul of those Ossetians who were forced to leave their homeland, - says Fati, - impressed, with love for her people, Albina wrote the words for the track "Forward" right on the plane. "

The music for the song was created by Roman Fakov. Thus was born the composition, which the sisters devoted to the unity of their people.

“When a person is alone, he will not go far and will not achieve much. And together - everything is possible! - comments on Faty, - Love for the Motherland, for fellow tribesmen, for the roots, respect for each other and unity - this is what makes us stronger. We want to remind those Ossetians who, by the will of fate, live far from their homeland, that we always wait for them, and we are always one! ”

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