Introducing the track “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” and the clip “High Hopes”

Panic! At the Disco (“Panic! At the Disco”) is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2004, currently consists of Brendon Boyd Urie - lead vocalist and so-called temporary participants (temporary, because the composition of the team periodically - with the exception of Brandon Uri - is changing): Kenneth Harris, Dan Pavlovich and Nicolas Row.

In the baggage Panic! At The Disco, as many as six studio albums and many singles, the most recent of which is “Say Amen (Saturday Night) Sweater Beats Remix”, released on 24 August 2018 of the year. But we will listen to his forerunner with the identical name from the album “Pray For The Wicked” also 2018 of the year. The track is energetic and even incendiary, very peculiar and should be liked by lovers of high-quality, whether pop, or pop-punk music, the experts could not figure it out. We listen!

In March, 2018, the Panic! I also shot a video for this song, it is easy to find it on the net, but it seemed to us quite meaningless and unnecessarily dramatic (even bloody), so we decided to do without it.

High Hopes Video Clip

But the other, more recent novelty from Brandon Uri, laid out on its channel yesterday - August 27, caught our attention. This is the video for the song “High Hopes” (the same Pink Floyd sang in 1994, remember?) From the previously mentioned album “Pray For The Wicked”. The song sounds perfectly acceptable, and the video was shot somewhat unusual. Not every day the singers walk along the walls of a skyscraper. We offer a new look and make your opinion.

In any case, creativity Panic! At the Disco attracts with its originality and originality - unlike most modern performers of the big stage.

The latest premiere for today