Fati Tsarikayeva posted a video fragment on her Instagram page where they Albina perform the hit of “Badola”, commenting that, despite the fact that she and her sister have about 60 original compositions, the love that this song deserves does not subside over the years, and this is the best reward for them. Subscribers, in turn, began to share their impressions of the single, and one of the comments caused a special stir - the Russian theater and film actor, TV presenter and producer Pavel Priluchny commented on the post with the words: “My favorite song.”

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Publication by Fati Tsarikaeva (@fati_tsarikaeva)

The composition "Badola", the video of which was released in 2015, really became a favorite for many and earned hit status instantly. An incendiary track, which one wants to dance to, performing simple movements, imitating the heroes of the video, still does not lose its relevance!

We suggest you recall a popular single and watch the video for this song right now. We also remind you that the composition "Badola" is available for drying and downloading on all digital platforms.