June 1 around the world celebrate one of the oldest international holidays - Children's Day. It is designed to remind society of the rights of the child - a small citizen, for whom it is important to grow in an atmosphere of love, care and well-being. In the future, to become a worthy representative of your family, your people and your country, live in harmony with yourself and with nature, build correct personal and business relationships, and later - create your family and work for the benefit of society.

It is our direct task to surround children with attention and affection, to properly educate and convey to them the traditions and precepts of their ancestors. And this should be done with love and respect for the child. Many of the artists of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” dedicated touching, tender songs filled with their children. And today we are happy to share with you a special team playlist, which includes these songs.

We wish you a pleasant listening, love and happiness on this day! And also we remind that you can download these songs directly on our site!