Great news for fans of the popular artists ARTUR SARGSYAN and ARTEMA ARTI! The sensational track “Ottovyuyu”, which was once acclaimed, on which the video of the same name was also released, is now available for download in digital storefronts!

By the way, initially the song had completely different words, but in the process, the project was changed ...

ARTEM: “We once went to the concert with Arthur, and on the way I turned on him to listen to my new song. He liked her, and I invited him to sing a duet. Arthur gladly agreed to this, but suggested changing the text. ”

ARTHUR: “I wrote my text from scratch, and we both decided that it fits better. Thus, in principle, a new version of the song “Retake” was born, which our listeners know. ”
We invite you to listen and download the song ARTURA SARGSYAN and ARTEMA ARTI right now on our website or on any of the largest music services.

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