The long-awaited premiere of a new song by a popular Caucasian singer Magameta Dzybova @_dzybov_magamet_ - “To know only”!

Listen and download the song of Magamet Dzybov “To Know Only”

For the first time, the artist’s fans heard this composition at his solo concert and at the same time fell in love with it, which is not surprising - the soul track written by Angelica Nacheva, dedicated to children and the main life value - the family, that is waiting for you at home, gives its warmth and love.

Angelica Nachesova
Angelica Nachesova

“When Magamet asked me to write a new song for him, I thought,” recalls Angelica, “what subjects have we not yet had time to touch on? After all, we have already devoted songs to mothers, friends, love for a woman ... And then I got the idea: I must write about the children! When the project was created, I did not immediately understand whether he liked him, because Magamet was somewhat stingy with emotions. But afterwards I became convinced that this was exactly what was needed! Because at the concert, when he first performed it, I saw how he opened up, with what feeling he sings and relives it! ”

The single “To Know Only” really makes you wonder how important the family hearth and the support of loved ones are. Sure, this song will not leave you indifferent! From today, a new product from Dzybov is already available on all digital platforms.

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