BERA presented a new video "As You Are"

11 on November 2018, the marriage of Bera Ivanishvili with Nanuka Gudavadze, the former model and daughter of the singer’s friend Bidzina Ivanishvili, took place. The famous Georgian singer dedicated his new work to this event - the romantic and love-filled video “As You Are”.

Who was chosen by singer Bera?

According to informed Georgian sources, already in 14 years, Nanuka was the face of the brand of Georgian designer Bichola, and now has become a successful fashion blogger. The wedding of the newlyweds took place at the Orthodox service in the main Georgian church - Svetitskhoveli in the city of Mtskheta - the former capital of Georgia. According to the inhabitants of Mtskheta, the last time such a celebration in the city was observed when the heirs of the Bagrationi dynasty were married.

After 8 days after the momentous event, Bera pleased his beloved and fans with a magnificent clip, on the one hand conveying the love and tenderness the newlyweds experience to each other, on the other - the power and strength of their overwhelming feelings. Like all the performer's works, the video “As You Are” aroused the increased interest of fans and now confidently gains the number of views and comments, because besides the excellent vocals and emotions of the characters of the video, you can see live Georgian wedding on video.

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