Fans of the charming duet Ruslana Sobieva и Zarina Bugayeva waited for another novelty - the song "Under the Sight" and a dance remix of it were released!

As usual, the author of the composition is Ruslana. According to her, this song has been waiting for its time in about two years.

“I wrote it a long time ago, but somehow I didn’t reach the end of the project. Apparently, it was not the time. And recently, Zarina and I decided to perform it and were very pleased with the result. So much so that they wanted to release a single in two versions. Well, and soon we will start shooting the video, ”said Sobieva.

“The song“ Under the gun ”is another beautiful love song,” says Zarina, “I really like the phrase in the text:“ We are in a noisy bar, but we are not intoxicated with rum ... ”. Ruslana was able to convey through her how “deeply” a person can feel and experience something inexplicable, or rather, explicable - falling in love. This is the most beautiful and tender feeling, without which it would be boring to live. Therefore, I wish you all love! ”

You can listen to both versions of the song “At gunpoint” on YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” right now!