Isa Esambaev is a popular performer of the Nasheids from the Chechen Republic, whose magical beauty of the composition conquers the love of listeners of various nationalities and religions throughout the world.

On the eve of the great Muslim holiday of Ramadan, the singer released his first album. “The moon has risen to the sky” is a collection of nasheeds performed by Iza, in the arrangement of the famous musician Gilani Stadnik.

Esambayev is now in a concert tour dedicated to the month of Ramadan. The singer gives charity free concerts for all who want to listen to our music in the cities and villages of his republic.

The program of the performance includes more than 10 tracks, which Isa performs both solo and as part of the group "AN-NUR".

The popularity of Esambaev and his work has increased so much lately that, according to his manager Arbi Tovdarkhanov, fans are waiting for his performances far beyond the borders of Chechnya: “We are pleased to know that people around us with such trepidation perceive the work of Isa. He is invited to Ingushetia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moscow, Tatarstan and even to Germany! ”

The performer himself belongs to the singing of nasheeds with all his heart, putting a piece of heart into each composition. Arbi emphasizes that Isa always gives a hundred percent, lives this.

You can listen to and download Isa Esambaev’s album “The Moon Has Risen to Heaven” on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music. Music Beeline, Yandex Music.