16 September 2018 held the premiere of the Paul McCartney video "Back In Brazil"

Sir James Paul McCartney made a video for the song “Back In Brazil” - a track from the album “Egypt Station”, which was released on September 7 of 2018. As Paul himself says, the idea to write a song about Brazil came to him in October 2017, during the Brazilian stage of the tour “One On One Tour”. The track (and now the clip), according to McCartney, is an imaginary story of two young Brazilian people, and this is a kind of dance filled with real Brazilian rhythms.

The video turned out to be rhythmic and resembles an energetic mini-series - like a cast of one day from the life of Brazilian lovers. You can dance to it too, the rhythms are Brazilian. Also in the video you can see the master himself. We offer to see.


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