“Portugal. The Man is an American indie rock band hailing from Wasilla, Alaska, currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

In 2009, the band became famous all over America thanks to their sets at the festivals Bonnard and Lollapaluza. When vocalist John Gurli came up with the name of the group, he knew only the name of the capital (Lisbon) about Portugal, that there are beautiful beaches and “Portugal sounds cool”. Because of this, the group has received immense recognition in Portugal since its inception.

"Portugal. The Man" Photo from www.xreddeer.com
“Portugal. The Man "Photos from www.xreddeer.com

Released in July on Atlantic Records on 2011, the record "In The Mountain In The Cloud" turned the band into the wealth of an entire state. The musicians got on the Conan O'Brien TV show and to the ninth line in the list of the best albums according to the MTV poll. By the end of 2011, with the help of the same Atlantic Records, the band got to popular festivals and TV shows. The record sales were successful, and the number of fans in the group doubled.

Album "In The Mountain In The Cloud"

At present, Portugal has. The Man has 8 studio albums, including the last one called Woodstock (released 2017 in June after the 5 year break). The well-known single “Feel It Still”, which entered it, began to play in bars all over the world.

Album "Woodstock"

According to the band members, they played about three hundred concerts a year to check and select only the most suitable songs for the album with such a historical name (Woodstock - Woodstock Music & Art Fair, in colloquial terms Woodstock) - one of the most famous rock festivals, held from 15 to 18 in August 1969, on one of the farms of the town in the countryside of Bethel, New York, USA with more than 500 thousands of viewers).

“It was a crazy idea,” says Gurli. “And our label could have killed us for it, but we threw out all the material accumulated over three years and created a new album.”

“Portugal. The Man "Photos from www.kgw.com

Undoubtedly, the main highlight of the album “Woodstock” was the track “Feel It Still” (#4 in the list). Among other things, the song became the first track of the group, included in the top 10 charts of the Billboard Hot 100 (Reference: Billboard Hot 100 (“Hot Hundred Billboard”) - the weekly American charts Billboard published one hundred of the most popular songs in the US. In fact, is the official US charts).

In the track “Feel It Still” interpolations from the song “Please Mr. Postman "of The Marvelettes (American female vocal group 1960-ies). Based on the assumption that you already listened to the album, we suggest watching the video clip for this song, which was released on 6 in March of 2017. The impression of the video is controversial, although the song is certainly good.

For those who got to the end of the article, let us know for what reason this material is in the “Music News” rubric. The fact is that 18 July 2018 of the year at 20: 00 ′ you can listen to all these songs live: the group will perform with the only concert in Moscow at the Crocus City site. Tickets on sale. Good luck!

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