Today in our country is Mother's Day. Many beautiful songs are performed by artists for the most dear people in the world - their mothers, to whom they devote touching songs and clips. One of these clips we invite you to remember today - “Mama” performed by Zarina Bugayeva.

“The idea to record a song came to me when my mother performed 50 years,” Zarina says, “I wanted to give her some original gift so that the memory would remain for the rest of her life. Of course, the best gift for her is if I come for her birthday, I will surprise her, because we live in different countries - she is in Germany, I am in Ossetia. But I wanted something memorable, and I decided to record a song. They wrote and made arrangements in Armenia, but I took an active part in the process, added phrases, connected talented authors and musicians. For example, the musicians for the track were lost to us by the musicians of Tata Simonyan. The song eventually turned out good, emotional. We decided to make a video. I think I did everything right, because mom loves this song very much, the video is often revised. I myself love him, my friends too. Even strangers wrote that it was beautiful and touching. ”

Mother for Zarina is the best friend. They are constantly in touch, and the singer always notes how much they have in common.

“We are like characters, views of life, tastes of food, clothing and travel. My mother is the first adviser when I write songs, choose costumes, she literally participates in everything, helps me. Right down to where I shoot the clips. To be honest, my best works are all from her clues. The fact that she lived in Europe for many years is a big plus, because she saw and knows more.

We understand each other very well, and when, sometimes, we disagree, we immediately begin to yield to each other, we are looking for compromises.

She is a very wise woman, everyone acknowledges this. Her sisters, friends, surroundings, they can all confirm this. I also feel what she is inside. Of course, to praise your mother is not particularly correct, but she is really wise, feminine, athletic, sociable, not lazy and purposeful. She likes to read, watch various instructive programs, but she probably has this wisdom from birth, inherited from her grandmother. She could, without reading books, speak phrases that were written by great writers and poets, it was inside her, and her mother inherited it. She is a strong and beautiful woman! ”Says Zarina.

This year, due to the tight schedule, the singer will congratulate Aleta Bugaeva by phone, but she promises to make up for everything when she arrives in Germany: “We know that we have each other. This is the main thing. Mother's Day is, of course, a very special day, but now I can always congratulate mom with a song! ”

We today also congratulate all mothers on this holiday, we wish them health, peace and warmth!

We invite you to watch the video "Mom", as well as listen to a special track list with the most popular songs about mothers from the stars of the music publishing house "Sound-M".