Have you heard the first album Kristina Yesayan? A charming singer, author of texts, some of which, according to her, come to her in dreams ...

“This happens very often,” says Kristina, “then I, upon awakening, immediately run to the computer, write down the words that I remember, and hum the tune on the recorder.

And then I prescribe the entire composition. I am also inspired by walks in the woods, parks. When the weather permits, I often spend time there. My goal is to write soulful songs about love, about life. I want everyone who has heard them to understand that in life, besides money, negative and all kinds of parties, there are much more important things. First of all, I would like to inform everyone that we live only once and we must be kind! ”.

The album "The Right Life" includes 11 tracks, including the singer's duet with hip-hop artist EGO - "You won’t go anywhere."

“I hope my listeners noticed that each song has a very deep meaning,” says Christina, “somewhere, instructive lines. My difference from other performers is that I do not compose, but I write what I myself saw and experienced in life - about myself, my own experience.

Another important difference is that I do not adhere to the same style in music, I sing in different directions: from R'n'B and hip-hop to Oriental motifs. Therefore, I have a wide audience of listeners, because those who love rap are starting to love Caucasian motifs after hearing them from me! ”

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