Popular Caucasian artists Magamet Dzybov @_dzybov_magamet_ и Anna Bershadskaya @bershadskaya presented today a joint composition entitled "I am lucky with you."

Anna wrote a beautiful song about mutual love, which her own happiness inspired to create the track.

Anna Bershadskaya
Anna Bershadskaya

“All the songs about love, including this one, are driven by the greatest sincere feelings, which, coming into our lives, take away all attention, absorb consciousness, proceeding from the depths of the heart, from the depths of the soul,” the author shares, “and when you You understand that you have been given this experience, you realize how lucky you are to be open to this love!
Magamet and I had long planned to sing a duet, so I originally prepared the track for joint performance. In vocal terms, this is an interesting find, since our voices harmoniously shade each other, plus - this is something new, and we hope to pleasantly surprise the audience.
To everyone who hears this song, and to everyone in general, I wish to experience great, genuine, sincere feelings in life! When over the years you realize that no matter how much time passes, your union is still strong and you are really lucky with this person. May everyone be lucky in love! ”

We invite you to listen and download the new single of Magamet Dzybov and Anna Bershadskaya on our website right now, as well as watch a video of their performance.

Listen and download the song of Magamet Dzybov and Anna Bershadskaya “I am lucky with you”

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