Meet the new Caucasian music - new track Janibek Ramazanova - "This Night" and the video for this song!

The artist wrote the composition himself, trying to make it as dynamic and dancing as possible, despite the fact that it reveals the theme of parting and love experiences.

The video turned out the same - the storyline is built on frames of romantic dates and a bitter quarrel, but love, in the end, still triumph!

A video was shot in Dagestan by director Murad Bakhmudov

“It took about a week to shoot,” says Janibek, “Everything was complicated by the fact that there was a winter cold, and it was necessary to portray that all this happens in warm weather. We are all numb. For a long time they also could not find a suitable girl. In the end, they chose Saidu, she works in a modeling agency, but she turned out to be not just beautiful, but also with good acting skills.

I was pleased with the video. We did not try to do something supernatural, just wanted to show a beautiful story, and we succeeded. ”

Listen and download the song “This Night” by Janibek Ramaznov

You can download the track that formed the basis of the “This Night” video clip on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, and also in the BOOM application (for users of Vkontakte social networks and classmates).