All fans of love poetry are well aware of Nikolai Aseev’s beautiful poem “I Can't Live Without You,” and romantic singer Elan is no exception. The work of the Russian poet inspired the artist to record a song based on Nicholas’s verses, and Elan wrote the music for it himself.

“I was inspired by love! Feelings that fill with completely different emotions ... The words are endowed with very deep meaning. True, for my age it is still too early to perform such serious works, but I felt them! And I tried to express all my feelings in this track, ”says the singer.

Well, to make this expression more vivid, Alan shot a video for this song. This is a story of selfless love that overcomes all difficulties. The plot, according to the artist, is taken from life.

«Я хотел выразить и показать то, с чем столкнулся, — поясняет артист, — несмотря на все трудности, нужно верить в высшие силы, в то, что со всем можно справиться, если вы вместе! И самое главное, конечно, если у вас есть любовь».

The video was filmed in Moscow and in Sochi, directed by Ivan Tikhonov. The main female role was performed by Elan's close friend, who played a girl who got into a very difficult situation. The plot of the video is designed to keep viewers on their toes, wondering how it will all end? ..

Ну, а мы можем узнать это прямо сейчас – смотрите клип «Я не могу без тебя жить» на нашем сайте или на YouTube channel "Sound-M"!

The track "I can not live without you" is available for download in iTunes Digital Store